misfit neigh-tion sanctuary program

Over 100k of America's horses are shipped to slaughter every year.

Many have served mankind dutifully for years. When they are no longer able to be ridden due to physical or mental issues they are thrown away. We believe that these incredible sentient beings have more to offer and gifts to bestow upon mankind. 

We rescue them, rehabilitate them and those that are willing to trust again partner with our coaches to help humans heal emotional traumas and live a fulfilled life.

Funding supports the rescue, rehab and ongoing care of these wonderful sentient beings

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We are passionate about giving second chances and healing traumas for horses and humans alike. We rescue horses who are slaughter-bound, thrown away after serving mankind, rehabilitate them and those that choose to trust again partner with our coaches to help humans heal traumas. We focus on survivors of domestic abuse, human trafficking, at-risk youth, and Veterans. Through the horse-human connection, we are able to unpack and identify traumas and help humans heal and step into a fulfilled life.

The Challenge

Humans need help. In what seems to be an ever more violent world, the need for effective ways to help people unpack their baggage and heal their traumas so they can live a fulfilled life is at an all-time high. Horses and Mules need help. So many have served mankind for years and when no longer able to do their job are thrown away, to meet a horrible end. We honor that these sentient beings have gifts to give humans outside of being ridden. We give them a second chance.

The Solution

By supporting and healing the horses and mules in our herd we are able to partner with them and help people heal emotional traumas through the horse-human connection. Equine partnered coaching is on the rise with amazing results. Our Certified Equine Gestalt Method Practitioners have spent over 2 years studying effective experiential and somatic methods around partnering with the horse to help people create awareness around their traumas, unpack them, and move towards a positive future.

Long-Term Impact

Helping heal more and more people, by bringing awareness of alternative healing methods we provide healthy options outside of traditional therapy. The more people that we help the more awareness that is brought to the gifts that horses and mules have to give humans outside of being ridden. Horses and mules value and love for humans is immense, unconditional and powerful. Our legacy is to help humans experience healing in a different way and help the horses and mules realize a different fate..

Healing Through Horses Program

Help Rescued Horses Rescue Humans

We support healing trauma for the following people in need.

Survivors of domestic violence

Survivors of Human Trafficking

At-Risk Youth


$3,000 sponsors an in-need person to go through our 8-week healing through horses program with a Certified Equine Gestalt Practitioner. 

Each group allows support for 10 people in need. 

$300.00 sponsors one in-need individual to go through a private session with one of our Certified Equine Gestalt Practitioners.

Consider a donation today to support someone in need. This is an opportunity to transform someone's life.

For every 30k we raise a new group will be launched, impacting the lives of 10 people in need.

Our project goal for 2020 is to touch the lives of over 300 people in need.


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Your support and contributions will enable us to meet our goals and continue to help impact lives. 

Your generous donation will fund our program mission.

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no horse left behind initiative

For every $3,500 raised the life of a retired dude ranch or forestry service horse or mule will be saved and care covered for a year. Help us change what is happening to America's horses who have served mankind dutifully and without question. 

Help us give them a second chance.

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your donation dollars at work for the horses



Provides a Bag of Treats for the Herd



Provides Grain for a Horse for 50 days



Provides Hoof Care for One Horse



Provides a Large Bale of Hay that will 

Feed 6 Horses for 4 Days



Provides Hay to Feed a Horse for a Month



Saves the Life of One Retired Dude Ranch or Foresty Horse or Mule and Provides Basic Care for a Year

your donation dollars at work helping heal humans



Sponsors One In Need Person to go through our 8 Week Healing Through Horses Program



Sponsors a Group of 10 in Need People to go through our 8 Week Healing with Horses Program



Sponsors One In Need Person to Attend a Private 1.5 Hour Healing Through Horses Session

One time donations

Click below for a one time donation or you may mail a check to Journey with Equus 40255 County Road 13 Elizabeth CO 8017

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