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Sanctuary & Second Chance

Dedicated to giving rescued horses, mules & donkeys the opportunity to live in peace, knowing love and compassion

About Us

Our History

Our nonprofit launched in August of 2015 we have been involved in the rescue of over 200 horses, mules and donkeys. We are passionate about giving these sweet souls a second chance. Many have been placed in wonderful forever homes through the efforts of our approved partner rescues. Those that remain with us, are either here in sanctuary or being evaluated to become an equine coaching partner or already working along side of us as an active coaching partner, helping heal humans and their past traumas, enabling them to move towards a positive future.

 We are raising public awareness and sharing the gifts that horse have to offer humans outside of being ridden. 

We are:

 “Rescued Horses Rescuing Humans”

Heart to Help Campaign

Hear their story and share their journey as they get a second chance. 

Learn how you can help make a difference In their lives.

Meet Vieve

Our Vision

To build a world-renowned organization that is passionate about helping at risk equines, supporting approved horse rescues and to develop programs to serve individuals in helping them heal past traumas through equine partnered coaching.

 To be a platform and community for those that are called to serve through equine facilitated learning coaching and therapy in all facets.  

To come together under one organization and make an impact,

 live a legacy and change lives, 

such that we leave the world a better place than we found it. Together anything is possible 

Help the horses

Your generous donation will help fund our mission. It will save the lives of at risk horses, provide rehabilitation, vet care, special therapies, feed, supplements and training. Your funds also help with program development to help humans heal emotional traumas through the horse human connection.

"Rescued Horse Rescuing Humans"

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