About us


 Who is Journey with Equus? 

Many ask this question, and it's a great question. 

Our foundational model is different. 


We are passionate about saving the lives of horses, mules, and donkeys. We are a bit different than mainstream rescues. 

We focus on the misfits. These are the sweet souls that would otherwise be forgotten, forsaken, abandoned, euthanized or sent to slaughter.

These are the sweet, sentient souls that someone deemed  no longer valuable, due to injury, health issues or mental issues which appear to make them a danger to people, making them unfit for rehoming.

 We believe every life deserves sanctuary and a second chance. We take these special creatures in and help them heal. We give them the time, peace, compassion and love that they deserve. Over time each individual horse, mule or donkey will reveal to us the next step in their journey. Some will simply retire with us and never fear being abandoned or abused again. Some will go on to use their special gifts to help people heal emotional traumas through the horse human connection, they will then provide sanctuary and a second chance for humans.
"Rescued Horses Rescuing People"
We are grateful to do what we do, and it is only possible due to the amazing support of our incredible online family. Thank you for sharing the journey..